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Why the ‘Law of Attraction’ Did NOT Work for Me for 3 Full Years (Until Now)…

How uncovering this “one thing” finally bridged the gap between the life I had – and the life I always wanted…

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free mind

Calling All Free – Thinkers: We Desperately Need You!

Attention all you Free Thinkers, Rebels, Revolutionaries, Visionaries, Artists, Writers, Philosophers, Renegades and Misfits: You are Crazy and we desperately need crazy…

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Forget Reform! It’s time for a Revolution in Education!

Piggy backing on my previous blog post, Are Schools killing our Creativity??, I’ve chosen to share another video from the famed and admired Sir Ken Robinson.  In this video Sir Ken discusses the linear function of our current educational mindset. There’s a beginning, a linear process and, considering we do all things right along the…

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Are Schools killing our Creativity??

In our ever changing world it’s easy to see that our most prized characteristic is the human potential for creativity. It is the creative mind that is responsible for the innovations that propel our society forward. So why do our schools continue to discourage creativity amongst our youth?? More so, are we going to continue to let them??

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Mindmapping: Which direction are you headed??

If you’re anything like me, you understand the stress of spinning your wheels on a multitude of tasks and ideas only to find yourself at the end of the day having spent more time thinking about your projects than actually doing something about them. Some call it ADHD, some call it dreamy, I call it…

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